Partial Dentures in Indianapolis: Enhancing Your Smile Comfortably

Restore Your Smile's Beauty and Function, Seamless Smiles with Custom Partial Dentures

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Fast & Affordable Partial Dentures in Indianapolis

Partial dentures are an excellent solution for the right situation. Lets face it, when you’re missing several or all of your teeth, it tends to impact your day-to-day life in a negative way. Whether you suffer from discomfort, feel frustrated at mealtimes, or simply struggle with self-consciousness, dentures or partial dentures are a viable solution to your oral health hurdles. Not only do they help you reclaim the fullness of your smile, but they also support the muscles of your face, allow you to chew more varieties of food and enable new levels of comfort.

At Steckbeck Family Dentistry in Indianapolis, we take pride in fitting our patients with custom or partial dentures so that they can enjoy more freedom in their lives. We go above and beyond to put you at ease, making sure your comfort is prioritized just as much as the desired outcome. After the process, our dental professionals will attentively explain how to care for your dentures for optimal health.

The Partial Process

Full dentures are customized to fit your mouth shape, replacing all of your teeth so that you can smile, speak, and eat easily. Partial dentures are connected to your remaining natural teeth by means of a metal frame, filling in the gaps left behind by lost teeth. Partial dentures are generally considered to be a removable alternative to dental bridges, but they can also be permanent. They’re a wonderful option for preventing surrounding teeth from shifting out of position and retaining the natural structure of your face. Restoring your smile with dentures or partials helps reduce the risk of periodontal disease as well.

Let’s Complete Your Smile Together

It’s time to reclaim your everyday comfort and confidence and pave the way for ongoing wellbeing. Call our local dental office at 317-888-8281 and we’ll schedule a dental examination to see whether you’d make a good candidate for full or partial dentures.

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