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How Orthodontics Will Help Your Child

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Straight teeth will give your child a beautiful smile, but improved aesthetics is not the only benefit your child may get from orthodontic treatment. Here are other benefits you will give your child when you give them orthodontic treatment.
Reduced Risk of Dental Decay
Overcrowded teeth are more prone to dental decay than teeth with proper spacing. The increased susceptibility to dental decay is because overcrowded teeth trap bits of food between them, and they are also notoriously difficult to clean. A two-minute brushing schedule, which is which most dentists advocate for, may not be enough to keep overcrowded teeth clean.
Do your beloved child a favor and get them orthodontic treatment so that their teeth can be straightened and they can enjoy a reduced risk of dental decay.
Improved Speech
Proper speech is not just as a result of the tongue's actions - it is a function of all parts of the mouth, including the teeth. For example, the tongue moves against the inside surfaces of the teeth to help the mouth form intelligible words.
Proper formation of words is only possible if the teeth are properly arranged. If your child's teeth are misaligned, they will struggle to form the correct words when speaking. The good news is that early intervention will correct your child's dental misalignment and ensure their speech development proceeds uninterrupted.
Improved Self-Esteem
No one wants to walk around and smile with misaligned teeth. Your child will even like such a prospect less when their playmates or classmates tease them about their crooked teeth. In fact, having a poor smile may interfere with your beloved child's social interactions or even education. The good news is that you can easily help improve your loved one's self-esteem by getting them orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.
Reduced Risk of Future Tooth Extraction
Even if your child isn't already suffering the effects of malocclusion, the issue may still cause them further problems in the future. For example, some adults have to have at least one tooth extracted to help deal with teeth overcrowding.
Such overcrowding can easily occur in your child's mouth if you don't take matters into your own hands to encourage the teeth to grow straight. You can help preserve your child's permanent teeth by giving them the right orthodontic treatment now.
Reduced Risk of Dental Trauma
Although dentists have various ways of replacing lost or damaged teeth, replacement teeth can never be a hundred percent as durable as natural teeth. This durability of natural teeth is why even your dentist will do everything possible to save a diseased tooth, including root canal treatment, before calling for an extraction and replacement. For this reason, it's in your child's best interests to preserve their natural teeth for as long as possible.
Tooth replacement considerations relate to orthodontia because protruding teeth are more susceptible to accidental damage than properly aligned teeth. If your child falls on the pavement while riding a bicycle, for example, they are more likely to lose protruding teeth than properly aligned teeth. As such, orthodontic treatment provides a way for your child to reduce their overall risk of accidental teeth damage and preserve their natural teeth.
Improved Digestion and Nutrition
Lastly, you should get your child's teeth aligned to improve digestion and nutrition. Orthodontics will help here because your child may find it difficult to chew food properly if their teeth are crooked. Improper chewing means your child will swallow difficult-to-digest food sizes, and poor digestion leads to poor nutrition. Your child's upset stomach could be due to their poor digestion occasioned by misaligned teeth.
As you can see, orthodontic treatment has far-reaching benefits for your child. Therefore, if your child's teeth aren't properly aligned, contact Steckbeck Family Dentistry today to discuss the various orthodontic interventions that may help your child enjoy the benefits above.
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